Welcome America! Returns to Center City This Summer

The lineup for this year's Welcome America! celebration has something for everyone.

That's one way of putting it, anyway. We might file it under 'All Over the Map' or 'A Bunch of People You'll Never See Together Again,' but don't mind us; we just can't bear seeing Hall without Oates.

Anyway, besides Daryl Hall, you can look forward to getting out of the apartment and seeing The Roots, Queen Latifah, Common, and Joe Jonas.

As usual, Welcome America! is free and runs June 25-July 4.




Catch Bill Clinton at the Kimmel Center

Widener University has hooked former President Bill Clinton to open its Speaker Series on October 1 at the Kimmel Center.

A statement from Widener says that Clinton will address "the challenge of globalization, emphasizing our growing interdependence, and point the way toward a common future based on shared goals." 

Clinton is first in a line of heavy hitters, scheduled to include journalist Lisa Ling, former Mexican President Vicente Fox, and former White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles.

Schedule and ticket information is available here or by calling (215) 893-1955.

"the challenge of globalization, emphasizing our growing interdependence, and point the way toward a common future based on



Vote in Philly? Try Going to the DMV.

Got a picture ID?

If you live in Philly, maybe not. You can't afford car insurance, SEPTA does the job for you, and you like your bike. Fair enough, right?

Not according to Harrisburg Republicans. The state GOP is about to vote on a bill that would require every registered voter to show government-issued ID when they go to the polls.

Some leglislators say the bill will combat widespread voter fraud, but Democrats disagree. They counter that the proposed law would effectively stop many city dwellers from exercising their right to vote.

6ABC has more here.

Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles: Great Furniture for Cheap

If your current funds land you somewhere between dumpster diving and IKEA “some assembly required,” we have the answer to your prayers – Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles on Spruce Street. How would you like a 1920s deco armoire for 90 bucks, a dining table with wood inlay for $60, or a set of retro club chairs for mere pennies?! (That’s what I thought!) Uhuru always has new pieces coming in (so keep checking their website!) – it’s one of those places where one man’s trash (perhaps with a little imagination, spray paint, and panache) can truly become a Philly trendsetter’s treasure.

What New York City stores would charge 10 times the price for, you can get here for cheap. And, yes, cheap is the name of the game at Uhuru, but that doesn’t mean lacking quality. You can easily find well-made pieces here with tell-tale embellishments like dovetailed joints, flathead nail detailing, or original cane rush seats! (If all that jargon means nothing to you, trust me, it’s a good thing.) So, how does Uhuru find these one-of-a-kind pieces? By “shopping” the Sheriff sales and attics of old Philadelphia money – and then passing those deals along to you for dirt cheap.

Browse the stacks of furniture as you peruse for your next mid-century modern coffee table, and don’t be afraid to chat up the friendly sales staff who all offer service with a smile, and are never too pushy. Not only can you furnish most of your apartment for less than it would cost to enjoy a dinner at Le Bec Fin, but Uhuru also offers reasonably priced, same-day delivery. You may have to be patient, and visit a few times before you find all your perfect pieces, but if you’re diligent, and enjoy bargain hunting, this is the place to go.

Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles is open Tuesday through Sunday, 11:30am to 7pm. To check out their latest merchandise before you go, visit their website at www.UhuruFurniturePhilly.blogspot.com.

Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles

1220 Spruce St
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Neighborhood: Washington Square West

(215) 546-9616 uhurufurniturephilly.blogspot.com



Welcome to Philly Apartment Living

We call ourselves ‘Philly Apartment Living,’ but that’s not the whole story.

If you rent an apartment in the City of Brotherly Love, we can help you. Need a new place? We know what’s out there. Roommate doesn’t shower? We sympathize. And if you’re finally getting rid of those dorm room posters and painting the walls purple, we’ll try to save you time, money, and make you laugh while we’re at it.

We live here too, and we love it. So whether you rent a luxury three-bedroom in Old City or a starter studio on the Blue Line, check us out. We know where to go, how SEPTA will get you there, and the state of Cliff Lee’s golden arm.

Jim Gardner re-tweeted one of our writers. Twice. That’s not an endorsement, of course, but in Philly it’s like being touched by the hand of God. So wherever you are in the Delaware Valley – if you love it, long for it, or are just passing through – let Philly Apartment living be your tipsheet, your news filter, your crafty buddy.

Come see the town with us. We know the bars, the stars, and how to peacefully order at Pat’s. Ask us questions, if you have them. (We’re nice. Our roommates said so.) And remember: as long as we have Roy Halladay, it will be all right.

Look for new posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and occasionally more often.


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