The Phillies: Time to Panic?

Forgive us, but it might be time to panic.

Yes, yes, we know it's only April. But do you remember last year's Phillies-Cardinals NLDS? Y'know, the one where our guys looked like they couldn't get a hit in slowpitch beer league softball?

Well, let's just say nothing's changed. Adding insult to injury (we couldn't resist), Chase Utley still hasn't played a game in 2012. Hunter Pence just got hurt. And perhaps worst of all, everyone's favorite-superhero-who-isn't-Roy-Halladay, Cliff Lee, is on the 15-day DL.

He pulled a muscle during a sterling 10-inning performance in San Francisco. We know you're tough, Cliff, but be good to yourself. We need you more than ever.

Want the City of Philadelphia to Bring a Pop-Up Parklet to Your Neighborhood?

Last summer renters in West Philadelphia might have noticed an intriguing sight: a pop-up parklet! In a partnership with the Philadelphia Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities, the University City District helped install two parklets in — what else — parking spaces outside two popular West Philly hangouts: the Green Line Cafe near Clark Park and the Green Line Cafe in Powelton Village.

Located at 43rd and Baltimore and 36th and Lancaster, these two parklets were big enough attractions that (according to the MOTU's blog) they helped boost Green Line Cafe revenues by 20%!

This summer these popular public spaces will reappear across the City of Philadelphia and you can help bring one to your neighborhood. Of course, Philadelphia's neighborhoods already boast some great public spaces (from Clark Park to Rittenhouse Square and Fairmount Park), but more parks and parklets are always welcome. Whether you're renting an apartment in Fairmount, Northern Liberties, Queen Village, Pennsport, or Fitler Square, you're guaranteed to enjoy having one of these parklets in your neighborhood.

Want to bring one of the City of Philadelphia's Parklets to your neighborhood this summer? The Philly Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities recently posted information on how to make a community bid for a city parklet on the MOTU's blog. Best of luck if you decide to apply!

Want to Vote in the PA Primary? Register Soon!

There's an election coming up.

No, not the one in November! Pennsylvania's primary election is being held on April 24. If you want to vote, you need to register by Monday, March 26. Yeah, that's five days away.

In addition to candidates for president, the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, you'll nominate candidates for state offices like the legislature, attorney general, and treasurer.

In other words, people that affect apartment rental laws. So get on that. You can register at many places, including county registration offices, PennDOT photo/license centers and area agencies on aging. You can also download a registration form and mail it to your county registration office.

Vote in Philly? Try Going to the DMV.

Got a picture ID?

If you live in Philly, maybe not. You can't afford car insurance, SEPTA does the job for you, and you like your bike. Fair enough, right?

Not according to Harrisburg Republicans. The state GOP is about to vote on a bill that would require every registered voter to show government-issued ID when they go to the polls.

Some leglislators say the bill will combat widespread voter fraud, but Democrats disagree. They counter that the proposed law would effectively stop many city dwellers from exercising their right to vote.

6ABC has more here.

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